Thanks, Dude.

Here it is! Finally! My inaugural fashion post! I’ve been talking about wanting to blog about my personal fashion for months now, just haven’t had the courage to do it. But I zipped myself into a little number that I’ll be buying myself for the holidays earlier today, and realized that I need to get over it and start having some fun with it. I also feel that it will motivate me to actually start dressing myself to a certain standard ALL the time, not just when I feel really fantastic or have some major event that I need to dress up for. So – here we are. The first post, featuring my Thanksgiving outfit!
So, I started with the tweed jacket from H&M back in…August, maybe? Snapped it up because I KNEW it would become my favorite fall item. I couldn’t stand to wear it throughout September because it was too hot and it’s actually quite a heavy wool blend, but now I’m finding it very helpful on days when the office is a bit chillier than normal.

Buttoning Jacket
It’s structured enough to be formal, but cute enough for casual wear. It’s also safe to call this menswear, which makes it trendy right now. I usually don’t fall into that category. The tweed has little flecks of color throughout, and wearing certain colors bring them out individually. I found the perfect rust-colored (I call it pumpkin) shift dress at Forever 21, and purchased it with Thanksgiving in mind. It’s sleeveless, so I knew I’d have to find some sort of cardigan or something for it. I didn’t realize how perfectly it went with my jacket until I got it home! The one thing I’d give points off for is how short it is – and that’s coming from me, at a mere 4’9″…I can’t imagine where the hemlines would fall on someone taller!

My shoes were an absolute treasure find from Payless Shoes. I’ve been trying to find every excuse to wear these puppies this season. The tri-color leather makes it a safe bet that they will match at least 50% of your fall wardrobe. It’s also a great play-up of the usual Oxford shoe, with a nice chunky heel. It keeps the tomboy in, while letting the lady out.

I kept the jewelry and accessories simple, delving into my collection of vintage pieces that I’ve picked up on my travels.
This stunning butterfly wing pendant is a reproduction of much older pieces from the 30’s. Mine is guessed to be around the 1950’s when they started reproducing the look with foil instead of actual butterfly wings.

Canada pin
I just needed a fun reason to wear this pin. The colors are just fantastic! I’ve never been to Canada, but this was picked up from an estate sale during a very adventurous day of yard-sailing. That counts for something, right? Watch Closeup
To cap off the menswear motif, I utilized my chunky gold watch by Relic (link to rose gold version). This was a gift from my aunt last Christmas, and got me started on my timepiece infatuation. Paired with other more delicate pieces of jewelry, this big statement piece compliments instead of overwhelming the outfit!

I kept the makeup simple. Black eyeliner from ELF, Wet & Wild Mega Protein mascara, Neutrogena Skin-Clearing foundation in Natural Ivory, Covergirl TruBlend blush in Pure Romance, and Sephora lip stain in Rasberry Ink. Keepin’ it simple.


Keep in mind to dress like you’re going to eat yourself silly. That was my main motivation. Enjoy the holiday, everyone!



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